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I just moved recently back

I just moved recently back to the OC area after many years away. I remember coming here ever since I could remember since I was a tot. Brought back many memories. I came in a couple of days ago to refill a prescription, and totally forgot that it would be more than I normally pay, since it is the beginning of the year. It came out to over $600, and I completely but calmly freaked out, and inquired as to why it was way over what I would pay, and that’s with my insurance. They also felt that it was shockingly high, and they decided to do a little online research to find a coupon or something to bring the cost down. Low and behold they found a co-pay program voucher from the pharmaceutical company. In the end, I ended up paying just $5.00 for it. What a pleasant shock that was!!! The fact that they took the time to find this for me spoke volumes. I am more than pleased with their service, and I will definitely return and recommend them.

Michael D.